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Friday, September 7, 2007

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A Short Course In Digital Photography.pdf">A Short Course In Di..> 07-Mar-2007 04:58 3.7M
Close-Up Photography With 35mm Cameras.pdf">Close-Up Photography..> 07-Mar-2007 04:55 193k
Course Technology - Mastering Digital Photography, 2nd Edition, 2005.chm 07-Mar-2007 05:07 13.0M
Dennis Curtin - Digital Photography.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:09 13.8M
Digital Outback Fine Art Photography Handbook %5bDSLR Guide%5d.chm 07-Mar-2007 05:01 5.7M
Digital Photographic Capture .pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:06 7.9M
Digital Photography - 99 Easy Tips To Make You Look Like A Pro!.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:12 10.7M
Digital Photography - Tips & Tricks.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:09 2.1M
Digital Photography Bible.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:25 18.1M
Digital Photography Tips.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:11 2.4M
Digital Sports Photography.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:52 45.6M
Going Digital - A Guide To Digital Photography.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:12 704k
Kodak - Self-Teaching Guide to Using an Adjustable 35mm Camera.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:12 301k
Lee Frost - Modern Photography.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:25 13.3M
LensWork Publishing - On Being A Photographer, 1997.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:13 609k
LensWork Publishing - On Looking At Photographs, 2000.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:14 958k
Lighting the Nude - Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:27 12.1M
Master Lighting Guide For Portrait Photographers.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:37 13.3M
McGraw-Hill - Shoot Like A Pro! Digital Photography Techniques, 2003.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:36 9.3M
McGraw.Hill.Click.The.No.Nonsense.Guide.To.Digital.Cameras.pdf 07-Mar-2007 05:35 7.9M
Muska & Lipman - Mastering Digital Photography, 2003.chm 07-Mar-2007 05:55 20.1M
Nature Photography.pdf 07-Mar-2007 06:22 49.6M
O'Reilly - Digital Photography Hacks, 2004.pdf 07-Mar-2007 06:08 33.8M
OReilly.Digital.Photography.The.Missing.Manual.Jun.2006.chm 07-Mar-2007 06:05 11.8M
Photography - 74 Classical Model Poses.pdf 07-Mar-2007 06:08 8.5M
Photography - Advanced.pdf 07-Mar-2007 06:15 10.1M
Photography - Basic.pdf 07-Mar-2007 06:24 18.2M
Portrait Photography.pdf 07-Mar-2007 06:12 1.2M
Shoot Like A Pro! - Digital Photography Techniques.pdf 07-Mar-2007 06:21 8.9M
Starting Your Career As A Freelance Photographer.pdf 07-Mar-2007 07:25 67.7M
The 123 Of Digital Imaging - The Easy To Master Digital Photography & Adobe Photoshop.exe 07-Mar-2007 07:51 95.5M
The History and Practice of the Art Of Photography.pdf 07-Mar-2007 06:24 438k
The New Nude Autumn 2005.pdf 07-Mar-2007 07:47 86.4M
The.Digital.SLR.Guide.Beyond.Point-and-Shoot.Digital.Photography.chm 07-Mar-2007 06:34 9.1M
Wiley Publishing - 50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques, 2003.pdf 07-Mar-2007 08:47 189M
Wiley Publishing - Digital Photography - All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies, 2nd Edition, 2005.pdf 07-Mar-2007 07:51 24.6M
Wiley Publishing - Digital Photography - Just The Steps For Dummies, 2005.pdf 07-Mar-2007 08:48 117M


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