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Thursday, September 13, 2007


index of parent directory
Parent Directory 20-Feb-2007 14:50 -
2003-04 Curriculum Model for CHEN.pdf 08-Jun-2004 14:30 13k
2004-05 Curriculum Model for CHEN.pdf 11-Oct-2004 14:40 12k
2005-06 Curriculum Model for CHEN.pdf 25-May-2005 15:51 12k
2006-07 Curriculum Flowchart for CHEN.pdf 25-Oct-2005 08:07 37k
2006-07 Curriculum Flowchart with Prereqs for CHEN.pdf 25-Oct-2005 08:05 49k
2006-07 Curriculum Model for CHEN.pdf 20-Sep-2005 07:16 12k
2006-07 Curriculum Sheet.pdf 09-Dec-2005 10:08 13k
Alumni Survey Results _Complete 2003_.pdf 02-Jul-2004 07:51 92k
CHEN ABET Process 2006.pdf 17-Oct-2006 08:08 24k
CHEN Bylaws 061604.pdf 03-Aug-2004 08:38 53k
CHEN2AA0 Sample Exam With Worked Out Solutions.pdf 25-Oct-2006 09:39 353k
COE Alumni Survey Form.pdf 05-Mar-2004 07:00 2.7M
COE Industry Survey Form.pdf 05-Mar-2004 06:58 1.8M
Calculator Policy.pdf 07-Jan-2007 22:27 22k
CalculatorPolicy.pdf 07-Jan-2007 22:27 22k
ChE Strategic Plan Draft _Update June 04_.pdf 20-Jul-2004 15:18 94k
Changing Program Specialization Policy.pdf 09-Jun-2004 15:18 13k
Course Prerequisite Waiver Form.pdf 22-Jul-2004 12:41 26k
Curriculum Changes Effective Fall 2004.pdf 08-Jun-2004 14:03 46k
Curriculum Flowchart With Prerequisites.pdf 12-Jan-2005 06:54 52k
Curriculum Flowchart.pdf 12-Jan-2005 06:55 40k
Curriculum Model and Implementation 2006-07.pdf 11-Nov-2005 11:04 39k
Damage Control.pdf 06-Jul-2004 14:46 35k
Departmental Bylaws.pdf 16-Jun-2004 09:01 53k
Description of Exam Problems CHEN 2AA0.pdf 25-Oct-2006 09:51 9k
Exam Honesty Statement.pdf 16-Jun-2004 09:24 8k
Faculty Directory.pdf 11-Jan-2007 11:51 15k
Faculty Teaching Policies.pdf 16-Jun-2004 09:18 26k
Fall2006Exam1Results.pdf 25-Sep-2006 08:00 11k
Fall2006Exam2Results.pdf 18-Oct-2006 15:01 11k
Fall2006Exam3Results.pdf 03-Jan-2007 10:36 11k
Grad Assist Application.pdf 07-Feb-2002 09:00 122k
Grad Program for Chemists.pdf 31-Oct-2002 09:09 6k
Graduate Student Directory.pdf 19-Jan-2007 11:05 21k
Graduates/ 14-Oct-2005 07:43 -
Homework Format.pdf 10-Jan-2007 12:56 44k
Homework Myths and Realities.pdf 07-Jul-2004 08:25 30k
How Experts Overcome Barriers.pdf 06-Jul-2004 14:46 12k
How Novices and Experts Solve Problems.pdf 06-Jul-2004 14:46 16k
How To Succeed In Chemical Engineering.pdf 07-Jul-2004 08:11 118k
Lab Honesty Statement.pdf 08-Feb-2007 15:10 9k
Letter Of Recommend Form.pdf 07-Feb-2002 08:59 116k
New Folder/ 07-Jun-2006 08:48 -
OLD Homework Format.pdf 13-Jul-2004 07:46 46k
Old Progress Assessment Results/ 21-Sep-2006 07:33 -
Old Schedules/ 11-Aug-2006 14:22 -
PROPOSED 2006-07 Program Specialization Narrative.pdf 11-Oct-2005 13:00 17k
PROPOSED 2006-07 Program Specializations Plan.pdf 03-Nov-2005 12:20 22k
Policy - Changing Program Specializations.pdf 13-Jul-2004 07:51 13k
Policy - Student Work Exhibits.pdf 09-Oct-2003 10:31 104k
Policy Following Course Outcomes.pdf 16-Jun-2004 10:21 15k
Position Announcement 1.pdf 24-Aug-2004 08:28 52k
Prerequisite List.pdf 19-Sep-2005 09:04 28k
Prerequisite Waiver Form.pdf 05-Aug-2004 16:21 26k
Prerequisite Waiver Policy.pdf 14-Jun-2004 08:25 76k
Problem Solving Steps.pdf 07-Jul-2004 08:08 52k
Program Specialization Narrative.pdf 15-Jun-2004 08:53 24k
Program Specializations Plan.pdf 22-Jul-2004 12:02 22k
Progress Assessment 2@@0 3@@0 Web Announcement.pdf 05-Oct-2004 08:20 23k
Reasons for Failing to Solve Problems.pdf 06-Jul-2004 14:46 14k
Regarding None Of These and Guessing.pdf 28-Jul-2004 08:52 10k
Required Homework Format.pdf 07-Jul-2004 08:41 44k
Scholarship Application for Transfer Students.pdf 08-Feb-2007 11:40 14k
Scholarship Form Current Students.pdf 08-Feb-2007 11:44 12k
Scholarship Form Freshman.pdf 08-Feb-2007 11:42 13k
Scholarship Form PulpPaper.pdf 23-Jun-2004 11:02 11k
Scholarship Form Transfer Students.pdf 08-Feb-2007 11:42 14k
Spring2007Exam1Results.pdf 22-Feb-2007 08:28 5k
Staff Directory.pdf 26-Jan-2007 10:23 15k
Students Guide To Accreditation.pdf 06-Aug-2004 15:20 54k
Successful Problem Solving Methodology Summary.pdf 06-Jul-2004 14:47 33k
Survey for Students Leaving CHEN.pdf 26-Oct-2004 14:20 16k
Technical Electives Information Sheet.pdf 12-May-2006 13:25 24k
Textbook Policy.pdf 09-Jun-2004 15:14 14k
Visio-curriculum flowchart CURRENT.pdf 24-Apr-2006 12:04 49k
Writing A Strategy For Success.pdf 06-Jul-2004 14:46 24k
au policies/ 10-Aug-2004 07:54 -
fall2006schedule.pdf 15-Aug-2006 09:58 13k
fall2007schedule.pdf 08-Feb-2007 12:59 14k
spring2007schedule.pdf 10-Jan-2007 13:06 11k
summer2007schedule.pdf 05-Mar-2007 12:46 11k
textbook list.pdf 13-Aug-2006 16:29 33k

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