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Saturday, May 10, 2008

what is alternating current(AC) system

the sinusoidal waveform - dc current vs. ac current, the sinusoidal ac waveform, Instantaneous Current and Voltage,

amplitude of a sinusoidal waveform - Peak and Peak-to-Peak Voltage, RMS Voltage, Average Voltage

frequency and period of a sinusoidal waveform - Period of a Waveform, Frequency of a Waveform , with question and answer

phase angle - Phase Angle , Leading and Lagging Phase Angles

sinusoidal power waveform - AC Power Waveform , Average AC Power

non-sinusoidal waveform - Rectangular Waveform, Amplitude and Period , Period and Duty Cycle , Sawtooth Waveform

basic ac theory - what is alternating current?, what is AC waveforms, measurement of ac magnitude, simple ac circuit calculation
ac phase, principles of radio, contributors.

AC METERING CIRCUITS - ac voltmeters and ammeters, frequency and phase measurement, power quality measurement, ac bridge circuits,
ac instrumentation transducers.

Resistors and Ohm's law in AC circuits

Bandwidth and Q factor

RMS and power in single and three phase AC circuits


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