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Sunday, September 9, 2007

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(Addison Wesley - ebook) OpenGL Programming Guide (Second Ed).pdf 19-Jul-2007 09:15 7.8M
APress,..NET.Game.Programming.with.DirectX.9.0.(2003).KB%3b.BM.OCR.6.0.ShareConnector.pdf 19-Jul-2007 09:07 8.9M
Advanced 3D Game Programming With Directx 9.pdf 19-Jul-2007 09:12 2.5M
Advanced Animation With Directx.pdf 19-Jul-2007 09:11 2.4M
Advanced Perl Programming, 2nd Edition (2005).chm 08-Mar-2007 06:48 857K
Agile Web Development with Rails, 2Ed.pdf 22-May-2007 14:52 5.9M
Ajax on Rails.chm 22-May-2007 14:52 1.5M
Applied Cryptography, Second Edition Protocols, Algorthms, and Source Code in C - Bruce Schneier.chm 27-Mar-2007 08:53 3.6M
ApproachingZeroHacker.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:54 2.0M
Apress.Introducti .chm 19-Jul-2007 09:10 3.1M 19-Jul-2007 09:08 3.1M
Beginning Cryptography with Java - David Hook.chm 27-Mar-2007 08:52 700K
Beginning Ruby - From Novice to Professional.pdf 22-May-2007 15:02 7.8M
Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce - From Novice to Professional.pdf 22-May-2007 15:12 15M
Beginning Ruby on Rails.pdf 22-May-2007 15:16 10M
Best of Ruby Quiz.pdf 22-May-2007 15:13 1.4M
Book - J2ME - Developing_Games_with_the_Game_API_1_0.pdf 19-Jul-2007 09:03 662K
BookFiles/ 19-Jul-2007 10:11 -
Buffer.Overflow.Attacks.pdf 18-Mar-2007 14:38 5.4M
Build Your Own Ruby On Rails Web Applications.pdf 22-May-2007 15:25 8.7M
C++ Advanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0.pdf 19-Jul-2007 09:03 14M
C++ For Mathematicians - An Introduction For Students And Professionals.pdf 19-Jul-2007 01:54 30M
Complexity and Cryptography An Introduction - JOHN TALBOT.pdf 27-Mar-2007 09:45 3.3M
Contemporary Cryptography - Rolf Oppliger.pdf 27-Mar-2007 09:48 7.7M
Countering_the_New_Terrorism__.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:53 1.1M
Crypto/ 04-Sep-2007 23:25 -
Cryptography A Very Short Introduction - Fred Piper.chm 27-Mar-2007 09:49 1.3M
Cryptography For Dummies - Chey Cobb.chm 27-Mar-2007 10:15 4.0M
Cryptography Theory And Practice - Douglas Stinson.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:23 17M
Cryptography and Network Security Principles and Practices, 4th Ed - William Stallings.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:11 53M
Cryptography for Developers - Simon Johnson.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:14 5.0M
Cryptography in C and C++ - Michael Welschenbach.chm 27-Mar-2007 09:39 3.5M
Directx And C%23.pdf 19-Jul-2007 08:57 154K
Encryption in a Windows Environment EFS File, 802.1x Wireless, IPSec Transport, and SMIME Exchange - Rand Morimoto.chm 27-Mar-2007 08:56 1.8M
Enterprise Integration with Ruby - A Pragmatic Guide.pdf 22-May-2007 15:19 2.5M
Everyday Scripting with Ruby - For Teams, Testers, and You.pdf 22-May-2007 15:22 2.0M
Extending Rails Beyond the Core.chm 22-May-2007 15:23 387K
Foundations of Cryptography A Primer - Oded Goldreich.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:24 2.1M
From Java to Ruby - Things Every Manager Should Know.pdf 22-May-2007 15:25 1.5M
Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders. Vol. 1 - ( A-L ).pdf 22-May-2007 14:30 7.3M
Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders. Vol. 2 - ( M-Z ).pdf 22-May-2007 14:35 6.4M
Guide To Assembly Language Programming In Linux.pdf 19-Jul-2007 01:56 31M
Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography - Darrel Hankerson.pdf 27-Mar-2007 08:55 4.4M
Hacking/ 04-Sep-2007 23:25 -
Handbook_Software_Construction_2.pdf 22-May-2007 15:56 5.1M
Hunting_Security_Bugs.chm 22-May-2007 16:13 22M
Image and Video Encryption From Digital Rights Management to Secured Personal Communication - Sushil Jajodia.pdf 27-Mar-2007 09:42 7.7M
Intermediate Perl (2006).chm 08-Mar-2007 06:46 533K
Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0.pdf 19-Jul-2007 08:54 2.5M
Invisible Eagle - Nazi Occult History.pdf 21-Jul-2007 15:21 575K
Java Cryptography - Jonathan B. Knudsen.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:29 1.5M
Kevin Mitnick - The Art of Deception.pdf 30-Mar-2007 20:34 1.5M
Learn Encryption Techniques with BASIC and C++ - Gil Held.chm 27-Mar-2007 10:28 2.8M
Learning Perl, 4th Edition (2005).chm 08-Mar-2007 06:43 700K
Linux Network Servers.pdf 22-May-2007 16:01 6.7M
Linux.Security.Cookbook.pdf 18-Mar-2007 14:39 2.8M
LunarPark/ 05-Apr-2007 01:30 -
Making Use of Ruby.pdf 22-May-2007 15:27 2.3M
Malicious Cryptography Exposing Cryptovirology - Adam Young.pdf 27-Mar-2007 09:29 29M
Managed DirectX 9 Kick Start - Graphics And Game Programming.chm 19-Jul-2007 08:53 1.3M
Mastering Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (2003).pdf 22-May-2007 17:18 22M
Maximum_Security_4.chm 22-May-2007 16:04 2.9M
Military Cryptanalysis.pdf 27-Mar-2007 09:17 48M
Modern Cryptography Theory and Practice - Wenbo Mao.pdf 27-Mar-2007 09:37 18M
Mongrel - Serving, Deploying, and Extending Your Ruby Applications.chm 22-May-2007 15:25 196K
New Riders Beginning Math And Physics For Game Programmers.chm 19-Jul-2007 08:52 2.7M
O'Reilly - .NET and XML.chm 18-Jul-2007 11:14 1.0M
O'Reilly - Active Directory 2nd Edition.chm 18-Jul-2007 11:14 3.6M
PROGRESS ON CRYPTOGRAPHY 25 Years of Cryptography in China - Kefei Chen.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:27 5.0M
Perl Best Practices (2005).chm 08-Mar-2007 06:51 851K
Perl Hacks - Tips And Tools For Programming Debugging And Surviving (2006).chm 08-Mar-2007 06:50 583K
Practical.Unix.Internet.Security.pdf 18-Mar-2007 15:44 6.8M
Premier.Press,.Visual.Basic.Game.Programming.with.DirectX.(2002).pdf 19-Jul-2007 08:51 11M
Professional.Assembly.pdf 18-Mar-2007 14:32 6.7M
Programming Ruby - The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide, 2Ed.pdf 22-May-2007 15:31 5.5M
Programming/ 04-Sep-2007 23:25 -
ProgrammingLanguageAnsiC.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:31 1.1M
Que.Upgrading.and.Repairing.PCs.17th.Edition.Mar.2006.chm 22-May-2007 16:54 24M
R.A.W./ 04-Sep-2007 23:24 -
RJS Templates for Rails.chm 22-May-2007 15:33 104K
Rails Cookbook.chm 22-May-2007 15:29 2.1M
Rails Recipes.pdf 22-May-2007 15:32 2.0M
Rails Solutions - Ruby on Rails Made Easy.pdf 22-May-2007 15:36 4.7M
Rails for Java Developers.pdf 22-May-2007 15:32 2.0M
Ruby Cookbook.chm 22-May-2007 15:34 1.8M
Ruby Developer's Guide.pdf 22-May-2007 15:38 4.3M
Ruby for Rails.pdf 22-May-2007 15:41 5.4M
Ruby in a Nutshell.chm 22-May-2007 15:39 193K
Ruby on Rails - Up and Running.chm 22-May-2007 15:40 1.1M
Ruby on Rails For Dummies.pdf 22-May-2007 15:48 9.8M
Rubyisms in Rails.chm 22-May-2007 15:41 90K
Sams.Python.Phrasebook.November.2006.chm 27-Mar-2007 10:53 767K
Secure_Coding.pdf 22-May-2007 16:06 2.1M
Software_Security_Assessment.chm 22-May-2007 14:50 4.5M
Soljo Publishing - End Of Dayz.pdf 02-Jan-2007 11:10 2.1M
Stealing the Network - How to Own a Continent.chm 28-Mar-2007 10:57 2.7M
Stealing the Network - How to Own a Shadow.pdf 28-Mar-2007 11:13 9.1M
StealingTheNetworkHowToOwntheBox.pdf 28-Mar-2007 10:52 4.6M
Sybex Security+.iso 22-May-2007 16:51 60M
Syngress.-.Black.Hat.Physical.Device.Security.pdf 18-Mar-2007 15:41 78M
Tao.Network.Security.Monitoring.pdf 18-Mar-2007 15:07 39M
The Best Damn Windows Server 2003 Book Period (2004).pdf 22-May-2007 17:23 22M
The CodeBreakers - Kahn David.pdf 27-Mar-2007 09:37 1.4M
The Ruby Way - Solutions and Techniques in Ruby Programming, 2Ed.chm 22-May-2007 15:43 1.8M
The.Hacker.Handbook.pdf 18-Mar-2007 14:50 18M
The.Shellcoders.Handbook.pdf 18-Mar-2007 14:43 8.2M
Using Design Patterns In Game Engines.pdf 19-Jul-2007 08:46 25K
Visual Basic.NET.Apress.Learn VB.NET Through Game Programming (2003).chm 19-Jul-2007 08:46 5.3M
Visual C++ Optimization with Assembly Code.chm 19-Jul-2007 08:40 9.8M
Web Services on Rails.chm 22-May-2007 15:44 355K
Web_Application_Security-Countermeasures.chm 22-May-2007 16:57 6.1M
Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby.pdf 22-May-2007 15:47 4.2M
Windows Server 2003 - The Complete Reference (2003).pdf 22-May-2007 17:36 23M
Wordware - 3D Math Primer For Graphics And Game Development - Fly.pdf 19-Jul-2007 08:44 22M
Wordware - Java 1.4 Game Programming (647 Pages) 2003 - (By Laxxuss).chm 19-Jul-2007 08:30 9.3M
Write Great Code - Volume II - Thinking Low-Level, Writing High-Level (2006).pdf 19-Jul-2007 01:33 4.3M
XML_Security.pdf 22-May-2007 14:40 3.8M
%5bSams%5d Teach Yourself Object Oriented Programming in 21 Days %5b2nd Ed%5d %5b2002%5d(1).pdf 18-Mar-2007 14:36 7.8M
arp_spoofing_intro.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:37 29K
arp_spoofing_slides.pdf 18-Mar-2007 14:32 124K
atstake_etherleak_report.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:37 282K
atstake_gprs_security.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:37 132K
atstake_war_nibbling.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:37 668K
backtrack-cluster.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:36 271K
buffer_overruns.pdf 18-Mar-2007 14:27 663K
cd_lifetime_study_nist.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:36 654K
cheating_chap.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:36 477K
coca-cola_evs2_programming.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:36 76K
ddos_attacks_info.pdf 18-Mar-2007 14:29 98K
ddos_attacks_surviving.pdf 18-Mar-2007 14:29 90K
defeating_encryption.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:36 491K
disclosure_helps_security.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:35 511K
disk_sanitization_practices.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:35 882K
dns_cache_snooping.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:35 127K
dos_via_algorithmic_complexity_attack.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:35 263K
dot net game programming with directx 9.0 2003.pdf 19-Jul-2007 08:56 1.3M
ebook-Java Game Programming For Dummies.pdf 19-Jul-2007 08:56 4.7M
encryption_flaws_no_risk.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:35 27K
ethereal_guide.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:35 2.5M
fbi_codis.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:33 2.5M
fiber_optic_taps.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:32 327K
finding_hidden_cameras.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:32 258K
forensic_guide_to_linux.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:32 2.7M
google_file_system.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:31 269K
hacking_coke_machines.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:31 8.0K
masks.of.the.illuminati.rtf 27-Mar-2007 10:52 1.1M
prometheus.rising.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:52 4.0M
quantum.psychology.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:50 8.0M
the.illuminatus.trilogy.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:46 3.4M
the_book_of_the_subgenius.pdf 27-Mar-2007 10:45 18M

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