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Saturday, May 10, 2008

90 percent of Mindanao grid experienced black out

October 28, 2007 Davao Light experienced a total black out of the whole franchise only the downtown area and hospital are automatically on because we have a back up power generator. The main cause is from TRANSCO the reason state below as our supervisor receive a text.

Transco Iligan MRCC. Please be informed that the system experienced major system trouble at 1:04 pm today. The following 138 kv lines trip affecting 90% of mindanao grid: agus 2- kibawe line 1 and 2, abaga-agus 2 line 1 and 2, abaga agus 6 line 1 and 2, abaga-tagloan, abaga-aurora, abaga-lugait, lugait-tagaloan. Initial finding, abaga-agus 6 line 1 conductor flashover/melted at agus 6 switchyard.


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