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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Analytical applications of aptamers.pdf
Aptamers against extracellular targets for in vivo applications.pdf
Aptamers as analytical reagents.pdf
Aptamers as tools for target validation.pdf
Aptamers in Research and Drug Development.pdf
Aptamers with fluorescence-signaling properties.pdf
Aptamers—basic research, drug development, and clinical applications.pdf
DNA Aptamers as Radically New Recognition Elements for Biosensors.pdf
DNA aptamers as potential anti-HIV agents.pdf
DNA as a ‘Nanomaterial´.pdf
Intramers and Aptamers Applications in ProteinFunction Analyses and Potential.pdf
Molecular Signaling Aptamers for Real-time Fluorescence Analysis of Protein..pdf
New Horizons with A Multi Dimensional Tool for Applications in Analytical Chemistry—Aptamer.pdf
New Trends in Nucleic Acids Based Biosensors.pdf


1992 Genetics.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 674K
1997 Artificial Neural Networks For Molecular Sequence Analysis.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 2.0M
1997 Bioinformatics In Postgenomics Age.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 199K
1997 Neural Network prediction of TIS in eukaryotes.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 65K
1998 Introduction To Hidden Markov Models For Biological Sequence.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 110K
2000??????????????.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 95K
2000 Discriminant Analysis and DNA Sequence Motif Recognition.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 215K
2000 Exploring Genome Space.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 208K
2000Fourier&WaveletTransformAnalysis-ToolForVisualizingRegularPatternsInDNASequences.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 141K
2000 SVM for TIS.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 83K
2001Are you ready for the revolution.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 459K
2001Computing an organism.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 424K
2001Whole-cell simulation-a grand challenge of 21st century.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 536K
2001eDictionary-Bioinformatics.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 258K
2002 Silicon Dreams In The Biology Lab.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 390K
Bioinformatics Computing.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 5.2M
Bioinformatics Sequence and Genome Analysis.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 7.7M
Computational Molecular Biology.pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 14M
HMMLecture.rar 01-Mar-2006 13:10 275K
J.D.?? ???.zip 01-Mar-2006 13:10 126K
Training for Bioinformatics and computational biology .pdf 01-Mar-2006 13:10 65K


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