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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Electrical Transmission & Distribution Reference Book
Is a standard reference for utility engineers, and many colleges have adopted it as a basic textbook. three generations of power engineers have used this book, both as a core technical reference and as a tutorial on the finer points of power delivery system design and operation. , General Considerations of Transmission, Symmetrical Components, Characteristics of Aerial Lines, Electrical Characteristics of Cables, Power Transformers and Reactors, Machine Characteristics, Excitation Systems, Application of Capacitors to Power Systems, Regulation and Losses of Transmission Lines, Steady-State Performance of Systems, Including Methods of Network Solution, Relay and Circuit Breaker Application, Power-Line Carrier Application, Power-System Stability, Power-System Voltages and Currents, During Abnormal Conditions, Wave Propagation on Transmission Lines, Lightning Phenomena, Line Design Based on Direct Strokes, Insulation Coordination, Grounding of Power-System Neutrals, Distribution System, Primary and Secondary Ne,work, Distribution Systems, Lamp Flicker on Power Systems, Coordination of Power and Communication Systems

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