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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Title: New Trends in Enzyme Catalysis and Biomimetic Chemical Reactions
Author: Gertz I. Likhtenshtein

Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: 2002-12-31
Number Of Pages: 240
# ISBN-10: 1402010060
# ISBN-13: 978-1402010064

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Book Description

New Trends in Enzyme Catalysis and Biomimetic Chemical Reactions embraces modern areas of enzyme catalysis where other books in the field concentrate mainly on kinetic, bioorganic and biochemical aspects of the enzyme catalysis and do not cover biophysical and physicochemical problems. Topics covered include:

-modern physical and kinetic methods of investigation,
-contemporary theories of elementary chemical processes in enzymes,
-structure, dynamics and action mechanism of enzyme active sites,
-concept of pretransition state,
-theory of long-range electron transfer and proton translocation,
-mechanisms of "tough" biochemical reactions (dinitrogen reduction, light energy conversation, water photooxidation, hydroxilation),
-the achievements and problems of biomimetic chemical reactions.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Methods of investigation of enzymes structure and action mechanisms1
Ch. 2Mechanisms of enzymatic reactions35
Ch. 3Mechanisms of chosen enzyme systems81
Ch. 4Some properties important for enzyme catalysis132
Ch. 5Areas related to enzyme catalysis164
Ch. 6Model chemical systems172



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