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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vistual Slidebox, Hundreds of original pathology slides
user posted image
From the University of Iowa, this is a great images resource for any presentation at school or hospital.

Provided tha every (or almost every) disease's ultimate diagnostic tool is the Histopathologic findings of a biopsy, at this site you will find the 2.5x through the 40x amplification fields of a lot of tissues.

user posted image

Some sud-indexes within the database are:

Histology Atlas

Human Histopathology Atlas

Veterinary Histology and Histopathology Atlas

Comparative Cancer Pathology

Cervical Cytology

Prostate Cancer

The resolution is excelent, these are pictures taken directly from the microscope.

Because the intent of the Database is to provide a resource to educators around the world, all of the images in the Slidebox, and derivatives of them, may be used by individuals within their own institution. However, these images and derivatives of them may not be used or distributed beyond the individual's institution via removable media or on the internet, without the expressed written consent of the University of Iowa Department of Pathology and the identified contributor.

So... feel free to use 'em!




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