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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The demand for the generation and transmission of large amounts of electric power today, necessitates its transmission at extra-high voltages. In the developed countries like USA, power transmission voltages have reached 765 kV or 1100 kV,and 1500 kV systems are also being built. In our country, 400 kV a.c. power systems have already come into operation, and in another 10 years time everystate is expected to be linked by a National Power Grid operating at 400 kV or at 800 kV. At this juncture, a practising electrical engineer or a student of electricalengineering is expected to possess a knowledge of high voltage techniques andshould have sufficient background in high voltage engineering. Unfortunately,at present only very few textbooks in high voltage engineering are available,compared to those in other areas of electrical engineering; even among these, nosingle book has covered broadly the entire range of topics in high voltage engineeringand presented the material in a lucid manner.



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