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Monday, June 2, 2008

AC Electrokinetic: Colloids and Nanoparticles
Research Studies Press | ISBN: 0863802559 | 2002-06-15 | PDF | 250Pages | 7,4 Mb
Biologists, physicists and engineers are working together to make ever-smaller devices capable of studying the properties of tiny biological particles. Using nano-electrodes, encapsulated in a device with dimensions of a few hundred millionths of a meter, it is now possible to manipulate and trap single nano-scale biological particles such as a virus. The precisely controlled electric fields generated within the device can be used to trap single particles in field-cages or separate different viruses from each other, for example.

This book is an introduction to the science behind the new technology, and explains how the electric field interacts with the particles. It describes how these micro-systems are manufactured and how they are used to study the electrical properties of the particles. The authors offer a comprehensive treatment of the underlying principles and governing theory for the AC electrokinetic behavior of particles, review the current state of the art in AC electrokinetic manipulation and characterization of particles, and provide chapters on simulation, device design and fabrication.

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