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Monday, June 2, 2008

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, «Biotechnology for Waste and Wastewater Treatment»
Noyes Publications | February 1, 1997 | English | ISBN: 0815514093 | 233 pages | PDF | 10 Mb
This book examines the practices used or considered for biological treatment of water/waste-water and hazardous wastes. The technologies described involve conventional treatment processes, their variations, as well as future technologies found in current research.
The book is intended for those seeking an overview to the biotechnological aspects of pollution engineering, and covers the major topics in this field. The book is divided into five major sections and references are provided for those who wish to dig deeper.
This book is intended for people who want an overview of the biological treatment of water, wastewater, and hazardous waste. This volume examines conventional biological treatment processes, including activated sludge system, aerated lagoons, waste stabilization ponds, trickling filters, rotating biological contactors, packed beds, land farming, and anaerobic digestion. The volume also discusses variations of these treatment methods and recent research- The Hazardous Waste Consultant.

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