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Friday, July 11, 2008

Product Details
Book Publisher: S. Karger Publishers (USA) (March, 2004)
ISBN: 3805576234
Book author: Charles Sultan
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Book Description:
This book addresses the most common gynecological problems encountered in childhood medicine, including endocrinological and surgical aspects. It begins with a detailed description of infant and adolescent gynecological examination and then covers the advantages of imaging methods, with an emphasis on sonography. Several chapters are devoted to the various pathologies encountered in prepubertal and adolescent girls, including contemporary social issues (e.g., sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception for teenagers and teenage pregnancy). The gynecological problems encountered in children and adolescents are often both medically and psychologically complex and thus require a highly skilled and coherent approach. One of the practical advantages of this book is that it presents a clear plan for clinical management and treatment in this patient population.Providing practical information for dealing with frequently encountered problems in prepubertal and adolescent girls,

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology



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