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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Elektor Electronics
On the buses, Back to the Future, High Voltage Amplifier, Attitude Sensor, Negative Auxiliary Voltage, Direction-Sensitive Light Barrier, Dimmer with a MOSFET, Discrete Robot, Car Central-Locking System, BTX, 5 volts from the Mains, I²C and SMBus, Unusual LED Blinker, On/Off Button, NiMH Charger for up to six Cells, On-Train Radio Camera, Universal Mains Filter, Flickering Light II, IIR Tool, Simple Audio Peak Detector, Voltage Monitor, Thrifty2-Hz Clock, On-line Conversions, IR Multi-Position Switch, LM4906 Boomer Audio Power Amp, Model Railway Short-Circuit Beeper, Resistor-Equipped Transistors (RETs), Low-Drop Constant Current Source, SATA, Modern SMD Packages, Stable Filament Supply, IR Transmitter with HT12E, USB/I²C interface, I²C-homebus, Heathkit TC-2P Tube Checker, Continuous Flow Soldering, Voltage regulator calculation, Power Supply for USB Devices, LED Christmas Tree

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